006: How to Overcome Procrastination and Disorganization

31 Aug

How to Overcome Procrastination and DisorganizationThe most common complaints teens and their parents make when they come in for academic coaching is “procrastination and disorganization!”

During this episode, Gretchen helps students overcome these two common ailments:

Step One: Collect Your Tools.  It pays to be thoughtful about what tools to use for planning time and organizing papers. Gretchen proposes several options in this episode, but also invites listeners to attend (for FREE!) a training on September 7th during which she’ll walk them through a surprising new way to organize your things and your time in one handy place.

Step Two: Create Rituals and Routines. Routines are actions that can be done over and over again in the same way. The best way that Gretchen has found to help teenagers create rituals and routines is the Tiny Habit. In this episode she explains exactly how to establish your Tiny Habits, but she also recommends that listeners watch this TED talk.

Step Three: Gather Your Accountability Team. Every student needs a team to help them follow through. Too often students rely on parents as their only accountability partner. Gretchen discusses the importance of students compiling their own team of friends, family, mentors, fellow students…and if all else fails, academic coaches.

Special Invitation: Gretchen’s new 5-week program Your Best Semester Ever is about to start! She is inviting podcast listeners to attend the first class for free! Click here for more info about how to sign up.

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