014: How to Study So Well You are 100% Ready for Every Test

27 Oct

Tests are boring to study for and stressful to take. But they are the key to good grades…and to effective learning (according to some studies). In this episode, Gretchen Wegner lays out four key techniques that help students get great … Read More »

013: Q&A about Dyslexia, Teens Staying Up Too Late, SAT vs. ACT, and more

20 Oct

 We love it when our listeners write in! Here are the questions we tackle in today’s episode: Teen Staying Up Too Late: Julian is off to a great start for his Jr. year it’s hard not to be too busy with … Read More »

012: The Benefits and Dangers of Applying Early Decision

13 Oct

Although the benefits of Early Decision applications to college are huge, it can be a costly mistake for families who don’t consider all the angles. In this episode, Megan Dorsey turns a complex process about whether to apply Early Decision … Read More »

011: How to Get (or Write) A Great Letter of Recommendation

6 Oct

Find out what colleges are looking for in a good recommendation letter, what teachers should and should say, and what families can do to ensure that your letters knock it out of the park. Students and parents will want to … Read More »