019: Reduce Test Anxiety and Raise Grades with Bara Sapir

30 Nov

Nervous about taking standardized tests? Want to know how to study for final exams? Learn from test prep expert Bara Sapir of Test Prep NY who gives tips on how to maximize scores and reduce test anxiety. Too often students … Read More »

018: How to Stay Motivated in the Midst of Increasing Pressure

24 Nov

Are you stressed out at this point in the semester? It’s hard to stay motivated in the face of increasing pressure, but it’s not impossible if you consider this checklist of motivation strategies. The College Prep Podcast cohosts¬†have a fun … Read More »

017: An Essential Reading List for College Bound Kids

17 Nov

What books should you read to help you with the college application process? Megan and Gretchen both have bookshelves chock full of important resources for families! In today’s episode, Megan shares some juicy nuggets about her favorite books about the … Read More »

016: Is a Liberal Arts Education Worth the Money?! & Other Listener Questions

9 Nov

We love questions from our listeners, and today we got some great ones! The Cost of a Liberal Arts Education.¬†Becky, a mother who also homeschools her kids, asks: “Are elite Liberal Art colleges worth the price when no college can … Read More »

015: Should You Get Tested for Learning Disabilities? With Dr. Liz Angoff

2 Nov

Getting tested for learning disabilities is not always the right choice for students who are struggling in school. Dr. Liz Angoff (drlizangoff.com), our guest expert for this episode, explains how assessment works, how to choose a good educational psychologist, and … Read More »