016: Is a Liberal Arts Education Worth the Money?! & Other Listener Questions

Espensive Liberal Arts Colleges, Studying for hard Classes, and Taking Notes in Lit ClassesWe love questions from our listeners, and today we got some great ones!

The Cost of a Liberal Arts Education. Becky, a mother who also homeschools her kids, asks: “Are elite Liberal Art colleges worth the price when no college can guarantee your goal or success?”

Studying for Hard College Classes. Maya wants to know: “I’m in college now and I’d be interested in learning about different test-taking and studying techniques that adapt to the greater expectations and sometimes more difficult courses in college. Is there much of a difference?”

Note-Taking in Lit Classes. From a 10th grader: “How do you suggest I take notes in English when literature is being discussed?”

Check out this freewheeling discussion as Megan and Gretchen explore all the nooks and crannies of these questions.