031: How to Find Meaningful Summer Activities to Benefit Your College Application

23 Feb

Summer is a great time to grow as a person, pursue your interests, and create a well rounded application for college. What activities are the most meaningful, and which ones are just a waste of time? On today’s episode of … Read More »

029: How Parents Can Raise Teens Who Manage Time Well with Leslie Josel

9 Feb

Time management does not come naturally to teens, that’s for sure! But there are some simple actions parents can take to support their teenagers in becoming time aware, pro-active, anti-procrastinators.   Today’s Guest Expert Leslie Josel shares brilliants tips, tools, and … Read More »

028: Help Teens Raise Grades Without Stress and Drama

2 Feb

Gretchen has published a new e-book: The Parent’s Handbook to Helping Your Teen Raise Their Grades Without All the Stress and Drama. During today’s episode Megan quizzes Gretchen about what’s in the book. A highlight of the conversation includes an … Read More »