028: Help Teens Raise Grades Without Stress and Drama

Help Teens Raise Grades without Stress and DramaGretchen has published a new e-book: The Parent’s Handbook to Helping Your Teen Raise Their Grades Without All the Stress and Drama.

During today’s episode Megan quizzes Gretchen about what’s in the book.

A highlight of the conversation includes an overview of the 6 types of students that Gretchen sees in her academic life coaching practice. Do any of these sound like you or your teen?

  • The Stressed Out Perfectionist,
  • The Fade Away Student,
  • The Brilliant-but-Bored Student,
  • The “Meh” Student,
  • The Disorganized Student, and
  • The Non-Academic Artist/Athlete

Tune in to find out which student you (or your teen!) is , and then to hear Gretchen’s thoughts about how to help them raise their grades without all the stress and drama. If you’d like to download and read the e-book, visit www.GretchenWegner.com.