040: How Important are Grades Really?

30 Mar

Good grades are the focus of everyone in education — students, parents, and teachers. The elusive A is everyone’s goal. But is this focus a help or a hindrance in terms of learning effectively and getting into college? Tune in … Read More »

039: Why Choosing the “Best College” is a Mistake

26 Mar

The best college for you is not necessarily the most prestigious or the highest rated one. Instead, there are a number of other factors that help students find the perfect college for YOU. Listen in as Megan and Gretchen explain … Read More »

038: The Wrong (and Right!) Ways to Read a Book

23 Mar

Research shows that depth reading is important for the brain; it’s important, too, for the SAT. But practically speaking, students also have to learn how to skim, so that they have time to read everything they’re assigned in college and … Read More »

037: What Writing Skills are American Colleges Looking For?

19 Mar

The 5 paragraph essay is a style of writing that is commonly taught in American high schools. What is it, and how can you learn how to write a strong essay in preparation for college? Tune in as Megan and … Read More »

036: Find Money for College on Twitter and Other Financial Aid Tips with Jodi Okun

16 Mar

Did you know that twitter is a great source for college advice, giving you direct access to pros who can advise you about all stages of the financial aid process? On today’s episode Megan and Gretchen grill Jodi Okun about … Read More »

035: “College” v. “University” and Other Helpful Terms from American Higher Education

12 Mar

International students often get confused by the terminology we use in the United States to refer to the university experience. Megan and Gretchen define all the important terms, from the difference between “college” and “university” to how to interpret degree … Read More »

034: Turbo Boost Your Ability to Remember Anything

9 Mar

When you understand how your brain learns, you really can learn anything you are taught quickly and effectively. Fresh from her attendance at the Learning and the Brain Conference, Gretchen shares a number of new tips and tricks for students … Read More »

033: Welcome to the Bonus Episodes of the College Prep Podcast

5 Mar

What’s the story behind these new “Bonus” episodes? Megan and Gretchen introduce themselves to their new international audience, who are curious about how the American high school and college system works.

032: When Should a Student NOT Go To College?

1 Mar

Not every teen is ready to succeed in college by the time they finish high school. How can you tell whether this is your student? What alternatives are there if college isn’t the right next step? Megan, Gretchen, and guest … Read More »