049: Re-Take or Quit — Is Another SAT or ACT Worth It?

30 Apr

Students and parents often wonderful how many times to re-take the SAT and ACT. Megan breaks down how to decide what number of repetitions is the right one for you. Here are the 3 points that Megan discusses in detail … Read More »

048: The Key to Ending Boredom at School

27 Apr

Too often students are bored by their academics, which results in unmotivated students with grades that don’t show their true capabilities. To the rescue: a summer multi-media learning experience that strengthens students’ study muscles and helps them become test-taking powerhouses, … Read More »

047: How Financial Aid is Different If You Are Not a US Citizen

24 Apr

What should international students know about financing their college education in the United States? Megan Dorsey and Jodi Okun give an overview of considerations and tips, including the importance of talking to the financial aid office at specific colleges, and … Read More »

045: The Mistake All Students Make When Studying

20 Apr

Students unknowingly make huge mistakes when they’re studying that cost them effective learning, free time, and higher grades. Tune in to find out what they’re doing wrong, and how to fix it.

044: Common Sense Tasks To Master Before College

13 Apr

Does your teen know how to do basic tasks like fill out their own health history, take public transportation, or do their own laundry? So many middle and high school students are excelling in academics and extracurricular activities, but failing … Read More »

043: Why Taking Breaks Actually Helps You Learn Better

9 Apr

Too many students take breaks ineffectively, if they take them at all. Here Gretchen & Megan break down the essentials of how to take effective breaks that actually help you learn BETTER than not taking breaks at all. Check it … Read More »

42: Are You Ready for the Changes to the SAT, High School Sophomores?

6 Apr

College Board is rolling out drastic changes to the SAT starting next spring, which will have grave effects for current high school sophomores (and other students too). Tune in to today’s episode to find out what to do about these … Read More »

041: Essential Resources for Becoming a Great Writer of American English

2 Apr

If you are learning to write in English, you should have these essential books on your bookshelf and refer to them when you are writing: The MLA Handbook, Elements of Style, and Grammar Girl.  Tune in to hear why they … Read More »