057: Is An Early College Program Right for You?

30 May

Many colleges around the country have special programs for high school students who want to skip the second half of high school and start earning college credit early. These are for students who want more enrichment or don’t thrive in … Read More »

056: Q&A: Online High Schools, Grading Woes, and AP versus IB

25 May

We love questions! We have answers! On this Q&A episode, Megan and Gretchen tackle questions about the effectiveness of online high schools, grading woes, and whether AP or IB is the better diploma. Here is what listeners asked: Hi ladies, … Read More »

055: Class Rank: What It Is and Why It Matters

21 May

Most high schools create a list of student ranked from highest to lowest GPA — a student’s “class rank”. This helps colleges know how a student is doing compared to their peers, but it doesn’t always give colleges a clear … Read More »

054: Are You Applying to the Wrong Colleges?

18 May

Although fit is an important criteria in choosing a college, there are additional factors that are more important: Funding — Whether the colleges you are applying to are financially viable for your family, and Recruitment Feasibility — Whether the schools … Read More »

053: 8+ Non-Boring Ways to Study for Tests

15 May

The key to effective studying for tests is a brain-based trick called “retrieval practice.”  Most students forget to do this when studying. They might review their notes or text book, but they forget practice “retrieving” it from their brain (which … Read More »

052: Redesigned SAT: What Changed? How Can You Prepare for the New SAT?

11 May

In 2016 the SAT will roll out major changes to the structure and content of their college placement tests. Do these changes affect you? Megan breaks down how the new SAT is going to be different from the old one, … Read More »

051: How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average

7 May

Calculating your GPA is a great skill for both parents and student to have. As students progress through high school, they are clear what colleges will be seeing on their applications. Megan breaks down exactly how to calculate a GPA … Read More »

050: How to Defeat Procrastination with Thomas Frank

4 May

Is it really possible to defeat procrastination in three simple steps? College Info Geek‘s Thomas Frank has become an expert in time management and study tips in the last five years as he’s transitioned from being a college student into … Read More »