062: Relax with These Summer Reading Recommendations

29 Jun

Want some great beach reading over the summer? Gretchen and Megan recommend their favorite light-and-enlightening reading for parents and teens alike. For a fun explanation about why each of the books is both fascinating and educational, tune into the discussion. Here’s a … Read More »

061: How to Get Excellent Help By Asking Better Questions

22 Jun

Want free help? There’s a lot of it out there, but few people take enough advantage by asking the right kind of questions of the experts around them. For example, each summer Gretchen leads a “learning extravaganza” with a number … Read More »

060: Top Student Loan and College Payment Mistakes

16 Jun

Most college educations are financed by college loans, but what are the long term effects of taking out loans? Inspired by this New York Times Article about things students wish they’d known about college loans, Megan and Gretchen discuss the top … Read More »

059: Q&A- Studying for Zoology, Planning for SATs, Hating Homework

8 Jun

Questions, questions, we love questions! On this Q&A episode, Megan and Gretchen tackle questions about how to study for a hard zoology class, plan for the SATs, and what to do when you hate to do homework. Here are the … Read More »

058: How to Become a Math Wiz with Huzefa Kapadia

1 Jun

You don’t have to love math to become a math wiz! Guest expert Huzefa Kapadia breaks down what you need to know about rocking math, in school and on your ACT and SAT tests. Together with Megan and Gretchen, they … Read More »