058: How to Become a Math Wiz with Huzefa Kapadia

You dHow to Become a Math Wiz by Huzefa Kapadiaon’t have to love math to become a math wiz!

Guest expert Huzefa Kapadia breaks down what you need to know about rocking math, in school and on your ACT and SAT tests.

Together with Megan and Gretchen, they discuss:

  • the importance of creating a “growth mindset” for yourself, so that you understand that it is absolutely possible to get better at math with practice.
  • how to engage in “deep practice” in ways that actually grow your skills
  • the role of the calculator in doing math
  • how to improve your mental math abilities,
  • and more!

Check out┬áHuzefa’s free course on multiplication mastery (a skill that will help everyone’s ability to do math, whether they are 16 or 60). Also, as a special offer for podcast listeners, Huzefa is offering his SAT math course for only $31. Check it out on Udemy and enter the coupon code huzefaisalegend.

Huzefa Kapadia is a patent attorney turned education specialist who is currently focusing on developing a suite of online video courses to help kids and adults get ahead with math and other components of standardized tests. Additionally, I tutor students from ages 9 and up in an array of mathematical subjects, ranging from basic arithmetic all the way through calculus. My most recent contribution to the field of test preparation was the creation of the Power 800 SAT Math video course, which is a frequency based math prep course that can be found on Udemy (Power 800 SAT Math).