061: How to Get Excellent Help By Asking Better Questions

How to Get Excellent Help By Asking Better QuestionsWant free help? There’s a lot of it out there, but few people take enough advantage by asking the right kind of questions of the experts around them.

For example, each summer Gretchen leads a “learning extravaganza” with a number of high quality guest experts — people you’d normally have to pay over $100/hour to talk to in person…. yet they’re available for free on this webinar series. However, in Gretchen’s experience, few people ask as many detailed questions as Gretchen and her guests are willing to answer!

The same is true for students in schools — rarely do students ask teachers the kinds of questions that will get them the help they need.

Megan and Gretchen break down how parents and students can get excellent help from the resources around them. Tune in to hear their 10 tips!

For more information about how to join Gretchen and her summer panel of guest experts, check out this link.