066: How to Deal with Academic Overwhelm

27 Jul

Too much learning, not enough time! Overwhelm is a common experience for students in school, and to some degree, it is part of the process of learning. We can’t always control whether or not we get overwhelmed in the first place, … Read More »

065: Write a College Essay This Summer That Gets You Noticed

20 Jul

 Summer is a great time to get ahead on your college essays. It is definitely possible to write a captivating piece that gets you noticed by colleges in all the RIGHT ways (and none of the WRONG ones). Students will … Read More »

064: How to Wow Colleges with Impressive Extracurriculars with Steve Schwartz

13 Jul

Would you like your college applications to “wow!” colleges and create a superstar effect? Steve Schwartz is an expert in how to help students create a college admissions application that knocks the socks off school around the country. Steve learned the … Read More »

063: Q&A – How to Choose the Best High School & Help Teens with Homework

6 Jul

What do you do when you notice your kids’ neighborhood friends don’t seem college bound; should you change schools to find a more college-friendly peer group? What about when you suspect your ADD son isn’t producing high quality homework? Should you … Read More »