068: A Day in the Life of a Self Employed Educator

A Day in the Life of a Self Employed EducatorAre you a teacher thinking about starting your own service? Or a parent who works with one or more freelance educators, like college consultants, tutors or academic life coaches?

Megan and Gretchen lay out what to expect about working as, or with, a self employed educator. Each of them describe:

  • what their typical daily schedule is like
  • how many hours they each work during the week
  • the biggest differences between their former lives as teachers and their lives as entrepreneurs
  • how they set boundaries and deal with communicating with their clients
  • and more!

This episode will be especially relevantĀ if you’re wondering whether it makes sense to ease out of teaching, OR if you’re a parent wanting to get the best experience from working with a self employed educator.