075: Top 10 Questions High School Students Ask About College Admissions

28 Sep

What concerns do motivated high school students have about the college admissions process? Megan recently fielded questions for George Ranch High School National Honor Society students. Here’s the great list of questions they asked; tune in to the podcast episode to hear … Read More »

074: Are You Guilty of These Teaching & Studying Mistakes?

21 Sep

Students and teachers make a number of mistakes when it comes to giving, studying for, and grading tests. In preparation for her upcoming webinar How to Be 100% Ready for Every Test, Gretchen walks Megan through what gets in the … Read More »

073: Q&A – Are Private Schools Better Thank Public Schools?

14 Sep

On this Q&A episode, Megan and Gretchen tackle questions about public versus private schools, AP classes, managing time during school, and more. The questions that we answer include: 1. When I go to college, I want to be a pharmacist. … Read More »

072: 8 Simple Ways to Start the Semester Strong

7 Sep

The way you start the semester can make all the difference in regards to setting yourself up for success. Gretchen has created a checklist of 8 tasks students and parents can take to make sure they’ve got off to a … Read More »