073: Q&A – Are Private Schools Better Thank Public Schools?

Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?On this Q&A episode, Megan and Gretchen tackle questions about public versus private schools, AP classes, managing time during school, and more.

The questions that we answer include:

1. When I go to college, I want to be a pharmacist. I want to know what AP classes I could take that can help me?

2. My name is Raga. I am from Ethiopa. I have greate scores in 10th grade scoring “A” at all subjects. I have won academic awards different times in my country. I want to be sponsored and get scholarship to college. What suggestions do you have? Thank you.

3. My son is going to be a sophomore and currently attends a public high school. The environment he is in is not necessary well. Majority of students make it to community college, rarely to a better school. In class, many of the students are on their phones, and while he is in all honor classes, there are disruption. However, my son has excelled in class and extracurriculars. He recently got the opportunity to attend a prestigious all-boys private high school. We were able to get a scholarship and the cost is affordable. The question is should he go? Many of the students in the new school have been in private school most of their life. The grading system is much harder. If he goes to the private school, he will not be able to manage honors or have a high GPA. Because there is high competition , he will rarely have the chance a leadership position. However he will be with students whom are driven to learn. Do private school students have an advantage of public school students for college admiration and scholarships? Should he take the opportunity? Will my son still be accepted in a good college? We come from a low income family, do you think he will get scholarships? As a mother, I am having trouble deciding. I want what is best in the long run for my child. I hope You can help me make the right choice.

4. Here in the Philippines, a new school year is starting as of June, and I wish to change my study habits. So I’m thinking on how could I study much more efficiently. Currently I have been told to take math classes somewhere else, online. With this, I have to manage my time better. I am thinking of forcing myself to finish all studying, excluding projects, before 7:45 PM and all studying, exluding projects, after 8:15 PM, to avoid overstudying for certain subjects – is it a good idea? Secondly, I notice that I sometimes have bursts of focus wherein I usually complete stuff at around 3-5 times my normal speed, and those only happen when my mom and brother are not around, but sadly they last for at most an hour and a half. I tried doing “subject rotation” a while ago where I spend a small amount of time on a subject and then rotate the subjects. A while ago, I changed subjects every 7.5 minutes, which I think is too little, and 9 minutes seems optimal.