079: 5 Important Tips for Homeschoolers About College Prep

26 Oct

Students who homeschool can stand out from the crowd during the college prep process, but only if they are intentional about how to design their experience with college in mind. Megan talks our homeschool listeners through the following 5 steps: … Read More »

078: Is Duke TIP Right for Your Gifted 7th Grader?

19 Oct

Every fall the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP) sends out invitations to high performing 7th graders to join their program. During this episode Megan breaks down all the reasons you would, and wouldn’t, want to participate in this program. She knows … Read More »

077: Entrepreneurial Teen Creates Cool SAT Study Tool

12 Oct

Many teens struggle to memorize vocabulary effectively for the SATs, but how many teens would turn their struggles into an entrepreneurial opportunity? High school senior Jason Ofman did just that with his website VisualVocab.org. On today’s Podcast, Megan and Gretchen … Read More »

076: Immigrant Parents, Academic Anxiety & Saving Money

5 Oct

We’ve got another Q&A episode for you! Here are the questions that Megan and Gretchen tackle today: How to Convince Immigrant Parents That College is Worth the Money. I’m currently a high school senior.  I’ve been trying very hard to keep … Read More »