076: Immigrant Parents, Academic Anxiety & Saving Money

Q&A - Immigrant Parents, Academic Anxiety & Saving MoneyWe’ve got another Q&A episode for you!

Here are the questions that Megan and Gretchen tackle today:

How to Convince Immigrant Parents That College is Worth the Money. I’m currently a high school senior.  I’ve been trying very hard to keep my chances high to get accepted to a good university. However, my parents don’t approve of my goal to go to school 500 miles away from home. We’re immigrants, so my parents don’t really know how everything works here. All they know is that college is very expensive, telling me that I should just go to community college and then transfer to my local university. What do I do now?

How to End Anxiety Around Long Term Assignments. I’m currently a senior in college, and I’ve kind of been barely scraping by.  It started out with me feeling confident when the assignment was presented. But now it’s gotten to the point where I anticipate the anxiety as soon as I hear about the assignment. It’s even difficult for me to do things ahead of the deadline because I fear not finishing it in time. I don’t know how to break things down into small parts without thinking of the larger pieces.

Do In State Schools Really Save Money? I’m going to need money for college. Should I bother applying to out of state schools? Everyone says I need to stay in state to be able to afford college?