077: Entrepreneurial Teen Creates Cool SAT Study Tool

Entrepreneurial Teen Creates Cool SAT Study ToolMany teens struggle to memorize vocabulary effectively for the SATs, but how many teens would turn their struggles into an entrepreneurial opportunity?

High school senior Jason Ofman did just that with his website VisualVocab.org.

On today’s Podcast, Megan and Gretchen interview Jason to find out:

  • what inspired Jason to create Visual VocabĀ in the first place
  • why studying vocab visually creates more effective learning
  • what he learned in the process of building the website
  • how he plans to highlight this accomplishment in his his college essays,
  • whether he likes Doritos more then Fritos,
  • and more!

Tune in for this delightful and informative conversation…and walk away with some new ideas about how to make studying less boring.