084: Everything You Need to Know to Rock Your Finals

30 Nov

It’s time to study for final exams! Are you ready? Whether you take your finals in December or later in January, the following tips are super relevant. Gretchen outlines 7 tips for how to plan and study for your finals, … Read More »

083: Six Myths about College Admissions To Stop Believing

23 Nov

There are six common myths and misunderstandings that many students and parents believe that cause extra stress senior year. They may also hurt your prospects for getting in to college. Megan breaks them down for you (see the list below), … Read More »

082: When Your Teen’s Technology Use Interferes with School

16 Nov

One of parents’ biggest concerns and confusion about raising kids in today’s world is how to help them manage their technology use. Guest expert Jason Brand breaks down how to talk to kids about how they’re using technology and what … Read More »

081: How to Use College Admissions Statistics to Radically Improve Your Chances

9 Nov

Surprisingly few students applying to college understand how to use college statistics wisely to help them hone their college lists — and guarantee that they’ll find a school they’ll love that they can easily get into. In this episode, Megan … Read More »

080: The Right & Wrong Ways to Study with Flashcards

2 Nov

Are you sick of flashcards? Or do you recognize they’re an effective study strategy, but wish they could be more fun? In Gretchen’s academic life coaching practice, she notices that many students mindlessly use flashcards to memorize information. This makes … Read More »