088: 3 FAFSA Actions for January 1st So You Don’t Lose Valuable Financial Aid Money

28 Dec

If you’re a high school senior applying for college, now is the time to fill out your FAFSA form. Although it’s tempting to wait until your 2015 tax info is complete before you fill out the form, Megan breaks down … Read More »

087: Tips for the Confused Student About Starting Your College Search

21 Dec

Are you a student who has zero idea how to start thinking about college? How do you begin the college search process when you have no idea what you want to major in? During this episode, Gretchen asks Megan’s advice … Read More »

086: Q&A — Waiving Fees, ACT Study Tools, Choosing Schools, and More!

14 Dec

Questions! Questions! We love questions! Here are the latest queries from College Prep Podcast listeners: Waiving Fees. I belong to a middle class family with a tight family income. Is there any way by which my SAT fees can get waived? … Read More »

085: The Best Way to Organize for College & Scholarship Apps

7 Dec

Does it take you forever to fill out college and scholarship applications? Have you forgotten the exact date that you were a CIT at camp, or that your sports team won a state championship? When it comes to filling out … Read More »