088: 3 FAFSA Actions for January 1st So You Don’t Lose Valuable Financial Aid Money

3 Actions to Take in January So Seniors Don't Lose Free FAFSA MoneyIf you’re a high school senior applying for college, now is the time to fill out your FAFSA form.

Although it’s tempting to wait until your 2015 tax info is complete before you fill out the form, Megan breaks down why applying ASAP could win you valuable money, and why you’d be losing out if you wait until April to file. Specifically, she and Gretchen discuss:

  • What the FAFSA is and how to access the documents you need
  • The 3 actions for families to take immediately to get the FAFSA application started
  • Why families shouldn’t wait until April
  • Some major changes to the FAFSA application process that effect this year’s juniors
  • Free resources to get additional help on the FAFSA, if you need it.