092: 8 Actions To Take At the Start of the Semester

25 Jan

It’s the start of a new semester for most students! Here are some straightforward actions to take to make sure that you’re set up to rock the semester, and stay on pace with college applications — no matter what grade … Read More »

091: Revolutionary Dialogues Every Adult Should Have With Teens About Learning

18 Jan

The very skills students need most to succeed in college are the ones that few adults teach them. But what if every parent, teacher and tutor mastered several easy conversations, and engaged teens regularly in these dialogues? Students’ academic success … Read More »

090: The Truth About College Tuition Waivers

11 Jan

Are college tuition waivers really as good a deal as they seem? Several ¬†months ago on Facebook, Gretchen noticed her friends excitedly reposting an article about Stanford’s new tuition waiver rules. Here’s an excerpt: But fewer parents will have to … Read More »

089: A Simple Reward System to Help Almost Anyone Build New Habits

4 Jan

Do rewards really help students change their habits? Gretchen shares an experiment she’s currently running with two clients, and breaks down the exact system they are trying to build some critical new habits for studying and following through on homework.¬†She … Read More »