097: Q&A – Low-Achieving 8th Graders, PSAT Scores & College Email Bombs

29 Feb

Thanks to the recent release of the PSAT scores, we have a number of questions related to how to interpret those scores and deal with the resulting email deluge. On today’s episode, Megan tackles these three questions: 1. Should My … Read More »

096: Is It Really Possible to Motivate Resistant Teens?

22 Feb

Does your teen resist school? Maybe (s)he consistently blames the teacher rather than take responsibility for low grades? Teen Motivation Expert Hayden Lee shares some tips for how to motivate teens to reach their full potential at school and in … Read More »

095: A Creative Option for Struggling Writers

15 Feb

Do you ever stare at the blank page for hours, wishing that essay would write itself? Many students struggle with writing, and recently Gretchen has coached a couple of desperate students who are tired of agonizing over their writing, but … Read More »

094: Got My PSAT Scores– What’s Next

9 Feb

Scores from the October 2015 PSAT and PSAT 8/9 are now available. Results have been online at CollegeBoard.com since January 7 and today, January 29, high schools should receive individual printed score reports from College Board. Today Megan and Gretchen … Read More »

093: How to Successfully Start “The College Talk”

1 Feb

How should parents roll out the idea of college to students who are reluctant to engage in the conversation or are stressed out by the idea? Recently, Megan and Gretchen received this question from a parent named Dale: I started … Read More »