101: Top 5 Things for Your Student to Do Over the Summer

Top 5 Things for Your Student to Do Over the SummerSummer is a great time to relax, but also to learn and grow in ways that aren’t always possible during the school year.

Gretchen and Megan each share their top 5 lists of things students should do over the summer to grow as people, and also get themselves ready for college. 

Megan’s list includes:

  1. Build independence
  2. Work
  3. Learn
  4. Travel, and
  5. Serve

Gretchen’s list includes:

  1. Learn a practical skill,
  2. Get an internship,
  3. Do something hard, scary, challenging, or surprising,
  4. Plan part or all of a family vacation,
  5. Read both fiction and nonfiction

Although their lists were slightly different, one common element is that students should be STRATEGIC about how their summer activities help set them up to be thriving adults with amazing lives.