105: Where You Accused of Cheating on the SAT?

25 Apr

What does ETS do if they think they catch you cheating on the SAT? Megan tells stories from two of her clients whose scores improved so much on the SAT that the testing service sent them an unfortunate letter. That … Read More »

104: How to Graduate Debt Free

18 Apr

Is it really possible to graduate debt-free? Financial Expert Rachel Cruze explains the dangers of debt in teen-friendly terms, and offers up to 40K in college scholarships to which listeners can apply.¬†Join the us as we discuss: some surprising facts … Read More »

103: What to Do When You’re Starting to Tank

11 Apr

Everyone is exhausted at this point in the semester. Many students (and educators!) start to wonder how they’ll ever make it to the end of the semester. However, here are 5 tips to help you get a last burst of … Read More »

102: The Non-Intimidating Approach to Scoring Jobs & Internships

4 Apr

Does email-writing intimated you? It certainly seems to befuddle many of Gretchen and Megan’s young adult clients. Even Gretchen’s coaching trainees struggle with their confidence when writing introductory emails to potential collaborators and clients. Guest expert Danny Rubin breaks down … Read More »