110: Get Your Degree from a University in England

30 May

Did you know that a college degree from England may be cheaper than one from the United States? Megan recently went to an information session where she met representatives from 5 universities in England, and she shares with us some … Read More »

109: Six Steps to Wrap Up Your Semester

23 May

It’s the end of the semester! Here are 6 straightforward tasks that will help you wrap things up, and position yourself to take a full break this summer, and then rock the next school year. Gretchen and Megan chat about: … Read More »

108: 6 Tips for Choosing Impressive Activities for College Admissions

15 May

Every student wants to stand out on their college applications, but how do you choose activities that are aligned with your passions and not just trying to impress the colleges? Megan walks listeners through six tips for choosing high school … Read More »

107: How Not to Communicate with Your Teachers

9 May

Teenagers are not the savviest of communicators when it comes to interacting with teachers. Gretchen shares about some blunders her clients have made recently and provides suggestions about what to do instead to sustain strong relationships with your teachers and … Read More »

106: Surprising Ways to Cut College Costs

2 May

How does a kid who loves (but doesn’t excel at) baseball get recruited to play on college teams? How does a student who wants to save money on college find better scholarships? In this engaging interview with guest Expert Michelle … Read More »