108: 6 Tips for Choosing Impressive Activities for College Admissions

How to Choose High School Activities That Impress Colleges

Every student wants to stand out on their college applications, but how do you choose activities that are aligned with your passions and not just trying to impress the colleges?

Megan walks listeners through six tips for choosing high school activities that look great on your college resume and also help you live a vibrant, well-rounded life that sets you up for a great career.

Tune in as Megan and Gretchen discuss how to:

  • find things you’re passionate about, and choose activities accordingly
  • to save yourself from activity burnout
  • take action on your interests, rather than just fantasizing about what you’d like to do in the future
  • move beyond formal, organized activities and get creative about getting experience in your fields of interest, and
  • create a balanced sense of who you are and what you’re capable of.