123: The 5 Essential Deadlines for College Admissions that Family Should Know

29 Aug

Do you know the 5 essential deadlines for college admissions? Megan has noticed that most of her newest clients seem clueless about what college app dates to pay attention to, and what to ignore, as the school year progresses. So, … Read More »

122: 8 Tips for When to DIY vs. Hire an Academic Professional

22 Aug

Should you hire a tutor, coach or consultant? Or should you DIY for just a little longer? During this episode, Gretchen and Megan help you decipher when it makes sense to spend the big bucks and get professional help…and when … Read More »

121: Plan Now to Graduate College in Only Four Years

15 Aug

Why is it important to graduate in four years? What are some ways that you can choose your college smartly to ensure that you do graduate without spending needless extra money and time? Guest expert Karina Dusenbury walks us through … Read More »

120: Tips to Wrap Up the Summer without Stress

8 Aug

The beginning of the school year is always crazy and stressful for families. But if you follow these tips for wrapping up the summer, you’ll save yourself some stress later on. It’s an investment of time that’s well worth it.  … Read More »

119: Why Your Disadvantages May Be Your Biggest Asset

1 Aug

Would you rather be the smartest person in an average school or the middle student at the smartest school? Malcolm Gladwell’s book David and Goliath has a wealth of wisdom about how to approach college admissions sanely. Megan shares key … Read More »