127: The Congressional Award, Homeschooling & Helicopter Parents

26 Sep

We recently got an email from a homeschool parent about how to organize a gigantic project — preparation for the Congressional Award — in a way that doesn’t steamroll her high school’s son ability to learn how to organize himself. … Read More »

126: Evernote: A Note Taking Tool That Will Revolutionize Your Academic Life

19 Sep

Do you have a good way to organize your your research — both the digital and nondigital variety — as well as other aspects of being a student? Evernote is a surprisingly robust note taking tool, which we learn how … Read More »

125: One Parent’s Concerns About College Admissions & ACT/SAT Prep

12 Sep

We recently got an email from a concerned parent about how to prepare her daughter for the SAT and ACT. In a surprisingly wide ranging conversation, Megan addresses this common concern for parents, as well as some others too! Here … Read More »

124: How Involved Should Parents Be In Their Student’s School Work?

5 Sep

It’s every parent’s dilemma — how involved is TOO involved to be in your child’s education? On the one hand, you want them to be self-sufficient, and a self-motivated learner. On the other hand, you also want them to be … Read More »