127: The Congressional Award, Homeschooling & Helicopter Parents

Congressional Awards, Homeschooling & Helicopter ParentsWe recently got an email from a homeschool parent about how to organize a gigantic project — preparation for the Congressional Award — in a way that doesn’t steamroll her high school’s son ability to learn how to organize himself.

Here’s the text of the email we received:

I just listened to your podcast and you suggested I reach out with any questions — so here goes!

We recently purchased your Anti Boring class and are working through it — it is great!

Here’s my question:

We are homeschoolers and this year have decided to begin pursuing goals for The Congressional Award. It is very complicated in regards to paperwork, validating and lining up resources to support goals in terms of execution over a long period, three years for us.

I have heard both you and Megan discuss how important it is for kids to drive their college prep process and I am sensitive to it. My son is on board with the goals we have established and pursuing them. Due to the nature of homeschooling, I do have to be more involved in the process.

But am I setting him up for overdoing in this process? My fear is that my over involvement and coaching now may not set him up for success when he gets to college and needs to own his own progress for career/life.

How do I help support my child, while at the same time, moving him to motivation for independence and transitioning well to pursuing his passions on his own? I realize this is a process, but any suggestions for potential milestones for each of the high school years would be a great vision to keep in mind.

Or maybe the backhand version of that to say, “You might be a helicopter, over-involved parent if….” Trying hard to help him spread his wings…

Tune in to hear what Gretchen and Megan suggest!