132: How to Create Your Personal Brand and Other Tips to Rock College

31 Oct

Do you know what a “personal brand” is? Any idea why learning how to be a good storyteller is an essential 21st century skill that students should develop in college? Guest expert (and recent college grad) Brian Robben shares insightful … Read More »

131: When Grades Are Low, Should Student Be Allowed to Continue Extracurricular Activities?

24 Oct

Should parents take away student’s activities if their academic grades are not up to snuff? Megan and Gretchen weigh in on this important question from a listener, about how to work with her middle school age daughter who loves to … Read More »

130: How to Get Homework Started Painlessly with the Pomodoro Method

17 Oct

Initiating homework is a hard task for students! Especially students who are challenged with their executive functions (which means: almost all teenagers). Tune into today’s episode to learn about why the Pomodoro technique is such a good antidote to getting … Read More »

129: How to Apply for Anything (Including College) Without These Silly Errors

10 Oct

Megan is shocked by all the errors she’s seeing on scholarship and college applications! To help you avoid these mistakes, she’s compiled all her advice into this one quick podcast episode. Tune in to discover what these errors are and … Read More »

128: How to Help Teens Get Control of Their Schedules

3 Oct

Managing time is hard for anyone in this modern world, and teenagers struggle more because their brains are still developing. Gretchen shares one time management trick that she does with all her clients, and it really helps them see time … Read More »