136: How to Ace the College Interview

28 Nov

The college interview is a great way to round out your college application. However, students often make silly mistakes! Megan provides numerous tips to help you be your best self at your interview. Tune in to this episode to explore: … Read More »

135: How to Help Teens Who Struggle with Anxiety

21 Nov

Anxiety in teens is on the rise! At least, this is Megan and Gretchen’s experience working with students all over the country. Guest expert Yshai Boussi, a family therapist, helps us understand more about this phenomenon. In this super insightful discussion, … Read More »

134: Easy Tips for Prepping for Finals Over the Holidays

14 Nov

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, as are the winter holidays. If you get started studying for finals now (or over the winter holidays, if your finals aren’t until the end of January), you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches later … Read More »

133: Great Colleges for Students with Learning Differences

7 Nov

Students with learning differences or high anxiety often have special considerations when choosing what college will be best. Tune in as guest expert Melissa Masland shares her tips about how to help non-neurotypical students land in the perfect college for … Read More »