140: 7+ Books That Megan & Gretchen Should Read

26 Dec

Do you ever buy books that are important professionally but never get around to reading them? Megan and Gretchen both have books on their shelves that they haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Listen in as they list these books, … Read More »

139: The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically

19 Dec

Meet two amazing educators teaching students study skills in creative and cutting edge ways. Gretchen interviews Eda Chen and Natalie Borrell about how the unique ways they’ve integrated the Anti-Boring Approach in their work. Together they discuss: why it’s important … Read More »

138: Safe, Fun & Life Changing Adventure Travel Trips for Teens

12 Dec

Ever considered adventure travel as a interesting summer option for your teen? There are a number of companies that take teens on cool trips around the world and build their life and leadership skills, to boot. On today’s podcast, we … Read More »

137: 10+ Productivity Apps for Scattered Students with ADHD

5 Dec

Smart phone apps can be a great support, but also an annoying distraction, for students. Gretchen provides a list of 10+ apps and suggestions for how to use them so that students maximize productivity and minimize distractions. Tune in to … Read More »