138: Safe, Fun & Life Changing Adventure Travel Trips for Teens

Safe Fun and Life Changing Adventure Travel Trips for TeensEver considered adventure travel as a interesting summer option for your teen?

There are a number of companies that take teens on cool trips around the world and build their life and leadership skills, to boot.

On today’s podcast, we interview an expert in the field of adventure travel. Claire Perrone, of Moondance Adventures, started off as a 12 year old on her first Moondance adventure. Since then, she has transitioned from the role of student to leader to Community Service Director, so she can speak about adventure travel for teens from a number of different perspectives. Specifically, she, Megan and Gretchen discuss:

  • What is adventure travel?
  • What are the benefits to students of participating in these types of trips?
  • How can you tell if your child is ready for this type of experience?
  • What should parents look for when finding the right trip for their child?
  • How is a Moondance trip different from the hundreds of other travel opportunities?
  • What is the affordability of adventure travel trips?

Moondance is a a teen adventure travel company based in Nashville, TN. They offer 25 awe-inspiring summer programs for high school aged students, domestically and abroad. Check them out on their website or on their popular Instagram feed.