149: Lesser Known Tests for College Admissions

27 Feb

Did you know that there are more college admissions tests than just the ACT and SAT? Some of these replace the ACT/SAT, and some of them are required in addition to these tests. During this episode, Megan walks us through … Read More »

148: Take Better Notes with This Simple Math-Inspired Technique

20 Feb

Students struggle to summarize information effectively, often resorting to writing too much or too little in their notes. Gretchen has perfected a technique that adopts symbols from math to help students read more effectively and take notes more efficiently. Tune … Read More »

147: Eight Reasons to Apply to Canadian Universities

13 Feb

Did you know that you can save more than $20K a year by going to Canadian Universities, as compared to American ones? There are many other reasons why American students might want to consider Canadian universities. Join us as guest … Read More »

146: Scams to Watch for Related to College Planning & Admissions

6 Feb

When parents and students are afraid of their college prospects, they’re more susceptible to scams that prey on this fear. In today’s climate of expensive schools that seem increasingly competitive, this fear and susceptibility can be a problem for families. … Read More »