161: Advice Parents and Students Don’t Want to Hear

29 May

Sometimes educators have to dish out advice that families simply don’t want to hear. In this episode, Megan and Gretchen detail their most unpopular advice for students and parents. The advice folks don’t want to hear includes: Course Selection: You … Read More »

162 – Summer Programs, Study Guides, Improving Vocab & More

22 May

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss the following questions: Summer Programs for College Prep: We are looking at the Stanford University “High School Summer College” program for our son. The classes are interesting, and it looks … Read More »

160: Why Parents Should Resist Scheduling Extra Events in May

15 May

May is a crazy month for parents and students! Families often have the habit of thinking that May will be an easy month because school is winding down. Actually, May is worse than December in terms of scheduling a multitude of … Read More »

159: Perfection Paralysis and How to Get Unstuck When Writing

8 May

Do writing assignments take you longer than necessary because you often feel stuck? Join Gretchen as she shares an interesting tool she created with a client to help him with his perfection paralysis.  Specifically, she and Megan discuss: What perfection … Read More »

158: 5 Secrets to Taking Multiple Choice Tests Well

1 May

Too many students struggle with multiple choice tests. Often, this difficulty is not that they don’t know the material but rather because they haven’t learned how to take those tests well. Listen in as Megan provides her top five tips so you … Read More »