166: Is Self Control a Myth or a Must-Have?

Is Self Control for Students a Myth or a Must-Have, Academic Coaching, Academic Coach, Gretchen Wegner, Megan Dorsey, College Prep PodcastSo often parents wish their students had more self-control.

However, it turns out that “effortful restraint” (which is one word researchers use for “self control” is hard for the best of us, students and adults alike

During today’s episode, Gretchen and Megan discuss what science teaches us about the myth of self control.

They discuss:

  • why we should stop worshipping “self control”
  • what we can learn from the people who believe they’re good at self-control
  • techniques to make self-control feel more effortless,
  • and more!

To read the article on which they base their discussion, entitled “The Myth of Self Control,” click here.