171: Megan’s College Visits — Notes as a Mom & College Consultant

31 Jul

Megan is looking for the perfect college with her daughter and has just returned from a five day campus visit trip. Find out some insider tips for planning visits, asking the right questions, limiting your choices, and evaluating schools. Tune … Read More »

170: Wise Budgeting Advice from a Teenager

24 Jul

How the heck do you teach teens to budget their money? Eighteen year old Jason Esguerra is a budgeting enthusiast who Gretchen first met in a Facebook group for YNAB (You Need a Budget), a unique budgeting software that has … Read More »

169: Requests for Teachers that Create Big Returns for Students

17 Jul

Teachers — you are powerful people in students’ lives! There are a few simple tweaks you can make that will help students be better and less anxious learners and time managers. Now is a great time to plan. Listen in … Read More »

168: College Admissions Essays — How to Get Started

10 Jul

Summer is a great time to get started on college admissions essays. However, many students start their writing in the wrong order! Megan breaks down exactly what to do to set yourself up to write essays that contribute to a … Read More »

167: 10-Minutes a Day Will Keep Teens’ Brains In Gear Over the Summer

3 Jul

Are you worried your kid will lose their summer to video games and YouTube? There are activities that students can do this summer — in 10 minutes a day — to help them get a jumpstart on the new school … Read More »