175: Set Up Your Study Space for the School Year

28 Aug

The right study space can make or break a student’s ability to follow through, beat procrastination, and get high quality work done at home. During this episode, Megan and Gretchen detail six things to think about when designing a study … Read More »

174: Habits for Parents to Develop Now That Reduces Anxiety Later

21 Aug

Parents, do you often feel a lot of anxiety about your kids grades and academic habits? Do you suspect that your student feels anxious too? Or maybe it makes YOU anxious that your kiddo doesn’t seem anxious at all. There … Read More »

173: Should Students Really Review Their Notes Outside of Class?

14 Aug

Parents often expect their students to spend time outside of class reviewing lecture notes. How effective is this habit? Should students do it? And if so, how do parents motivate students to spend extra time studying? In this episode Megan … Read More »

172: The Perfect Planner for Your School Year?

7 Aug

Are you searching for the perfect planner to help you organize your due dates and assignments for the next school year? One that is oriented towards a student’s real-life needs? Lesley Martin of Class Tracker joins Gretchen to describe her … Read More »