174: Habits for Parents to Develop Now That Reduces Anxiety Later

Parents, do you often feel a lot of anxiety about your kids grades and academic habits? Do you suspect that your student feels anxious too? Or maybe it makes YOU anxious that your kiddo doesn’t seem anxious at all.

There are some simple routines parents can help put in place to greatly reduce anxiety at home. Listen in to Megan and Gretchen’s list of small tweaks that will help both parents and their kiddos be happier and healthier at home in relationship to their school work:

  1. Set a schedule for when/how you will check online grades, and then keep to that schedule.
  2. Agree on homework times and policies.
  3. Establish a regular family meeting during which everyone shares what’s on their calendars.
  4. Create a family technology policy.
  5. Create an easy way to share the family calendar with your teen.
  6. Make a list of expected non-academic duties.