179: Success in Admission Starts with the Right List of Schools

25 Sep

Most admission disappointment start now, with families who don’t take time to create the right college list. Listen in as Megan walks you through the 6 kinds of schools you should definitely apply to, to make sure that you get … Read More »

178: Understanding the PSAT & National Merit Scholarships

18 Sep

The PSAT is practice for 95% of test takers. But for the other 5% it is an important test that qualifies students for the National Merit Scholarship competition. Learn more during this episode about how to tackle the PSAT, whether … Read More »

177: 7 Tips for For Taking Your First Test This Semester

11 Sep

The first tests of the school year are happening now for many students! Check out these 7 tips for how to get prepped to take your first assessments: 1. Understand the study cycle. We explain it in this episode, or … Read More »

176: Beginning of the School Year Challenges

5 Sep

There is so much stress at the beginning of the school year! In this episode Megan and Gretchen normalize how hard the transition from summer to academic life is for educators, families, and students. Tune is as they discuss: Some … Read More »