184: When Weather Interrupts Your College Application Plans

30 Oct

From hurricanes to snow storms, sudden massive weather can disrupt your college application plans. Megan shares her personal experience of how the Houston area SAT, ACT and school calendars were disrupted by Hurricane Harvey. She also provides some tips for … Read More »

183: How to Help Students Interrupt Self Sabotage

23 Oct

All the study and time management tricks in the world won’t help students if their minds are filled with damaging self-talk. Gretchen and Megan break down how the thoughts you think can sabotage your success. During this discussion they touch … Read More »

182: The Crazy High Costs of Applying to College

16 Oct

Everyone knows how much it costs to go┬áto college, but there are some surprising hidden costs of applying to college too. Tune in to hear Megan tally the numbers and help you budget for the college application process. She’ll break … Read More »

181: How to Calendar the Entire School Year in One Sitting

9 Oct

For juniors and seniors, there are so many important dates to remember and plan around related to academics, extracurriculars, and the college search. Megan walks you through how to sit down for a few hours and map out the year … Read More »

180: How Notifications are Changing Students’ Brains

2 Oct

We are draining our brains of much needed energy and attention, thanks to social media and the way new communication technologies work. Tune in to discuss a single act that all families can do to help preserve parents’ and students’ … Read More »