188: Important Distinctions Between Scholarships and Financial Aid

28 Nov

Families often mistake financial aid with scholarships, which can lead to confusion, disappointment, and wasted time as seniors choose their college and figure out how to pay for it. In this episode Megan breaks down how to think about the … Read More »

187: How to Stay on Track with a Mid-Semester Tune Up

20 Nov

It’s time for a mid-semester tune up! Take a couple hours this Thanksgiving Break to organize yourself, clean up any broken systems, and assess your study skills. Gretchen will teach you how, including: How to tune up your organization systems, … Read More »

186: Should Your Teen Take Online Courses?

13 Nov

Have you ever taken, or considered taking, online courses as a high school students? Megan describes her daughter’s experience taking on online course through the Duke Talent Identification Program and delivers her final assessment about whether these programs fulfilled expectations. … Read More »

185: Two Note Taking Strategies Every Student Should Master

6 Nov

How many note-taking techniques do you consciously use when learning from a textbook? Gretchen describes two specific strategies that you can use now in school, and the rest of your life too. Tune into this episode to find out: how … Read More »