192: Seven Types of Students and Their Study Blind Spots

25 Dec

There are seven different types of students, in Gretchen’s experience, each with different approaches to school and studying. As final exams approach, it’s a great opportunity to explore each type of student’s weaknesses in regards to studying, and what students, … Read More »

191: Strategic Extracurriculars – Make Your Activities Work for You in College Admission

18 Dec

Do you worry whether your high school student has the right kind of activities to impress the colleges to which they’re applying? Megan lays out an easy way to think about extracurriculars to help teens make the most of their … Read More »

190: 12 Skills We assume Students Know (But They Don’t)

11 Dec

There are some basic life and school skills that adults assume teens know how to do — but they really don’t! Gretchen and Megan break down 12 seemingly simply skills they’ve observed in their practices and urge their adult listeners … Read More »

189: How to Make an Anti-Cram Plan for Final Exams

4 Dec

You’ve heard it’s bad for your brain to cram for finals, but what should you do instead to get ready for semester exams? Make an Anti-Cram! plan, of course! During this episode of the podcast (which is a reprise of … Read More »