197: Three New Academic Coaches Talk Candidly About Starting Their Biz

29 Jan

Thinking about starting your own academic coaching biz? Maybe you’ve already started, but you’re frustrated with how slow moving it is? Maybe you’re a parent curious about hiring an academic coach? Listen in as these 3 newly minted academic coaches … Read More »

196: Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life

22 Jan

How do we motivate teens to take little actions that offer big results? Megan reports in about a book she read recently that has lots of great advice for teens: Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…and … Read More »

195: Watch Out for Fake Practice Tests for the SAT & ACT

15 Jan

Did you know that many of the practice SAT & ACT tests offered by companies to help you study — are fake?! Don’t fall for fake tests! Megan walks you through how to make sure the practice tests you are … Read More »

194: Research Reveals the Three Best Ways to Teach, Learn, and Study

8 Jan

What does research teach us about the best ways for teachers to teach and students to study? Guest experts Yana Weinstein and Megan Sumeracki, otherwise known as The Learning Scientists, school us on what research shows is is the best … Read More »

193: What’s REALLY Important in College Admissions? Myths and Realities.

1 Jan

Many families are confused about where to start with college admissions, and Megan has noticed there is a lot of faulty information out there. In this episode, she lays out, in concrete terms, what’s important when prepping for college and … Read More »