201: How to Let Kids Fail “Small” Earlier On

26 Feb

Students need to become familiar with failure earlier than their parents often let them. Megan and Gretchen discuss why it is important to let student fail small in the younger grades, and provide tips for how parents might back off … Read More »

200: How Lapses in Judgement Impact Graduation and Admissions

19 Feb

Teenagers often have lapses in judgement.But when these lapses go too far, how might it impact high school graduation or college admissions? Megan lays out 5 kinds of trouble that teens can get in and analyzes how that behavior might … Read More »

199: How to Make a Family Nag Plan

12 Feb

Sometimes nagging is necessary! So how can parents do it in a way that will make teens receptive to their reminders and prodding? In this episode, Gretchen tells stories about how 3 different clients made agreements with their parents about … Read More »

198: Rock Your College Visits With These Advanced Strategies

5 Feb

College visits are a time consuming part of the college search process, so how do you make sure you are getting helpful information when you are on campus? How do you look past the college’s marketing messages to see what … Read More »