205: One Student’s Takeaways From a Semester of Coaching

26 Mar

How much can a student’s behavior truly change after a semester of coaching? In today’s episode, Gretchen walks us through a sixteen year old’s reflections about how he has grown as a result of academic coaching. The following eight ideas … Read More »

204: AP or Not to AP: Controversy & Considerations

19 Mar

The national average of number of AP classes taken by students admitted to top universities is five to eight total. That’s a lot! Deciding whether to take (or not take) Advanced Placement classes is more complicated that simply taking as … Read More »

203: Don’t Overlook These Seven Surprising Study Techniques

12 Mar

Sometimes small study tweaks can make a difference. In this episode, Gretchen outlines seven small study techniques that can are easy to integrate into your homework time, and can help you be better prepped for tests. We’re listing them here, … Read More »

202: Course Selection: How to Develop a Four Year Plan

5 Mar

“Make time visible” is a favorite refrain of Gretchen’s, and it’s equally as true for college planning as it is for daily time management and organization. In this episode, Megan walks students step by step through how to make the … Read More »