218: Anti-Boring Tool #1 – The Study Cycle

25 Jun

If there’s one study tip Gretchen could infuse into the minds of every student and educator on the planet, it’s The Study Cycle. Tune in for Part 1 of the Anti-Boring Summer Series, where she walks you through a simple … Read More »

217: Is Your Student Affected by the Rise of Vaping at School?

18 Jun

As a parent, teacher, mentor there are so many things we need to keep up with as we guide students. One new development at schools in the last year is the rise of vaping amongst teens. Is your student affected … Read More »

216: Why Learning is Hard and How to Make It Easier

11 Jun

Too many students judge themselves as “stupid” because learning new things feels hard. Understanding this one brain fact goes a long way to helping students feel better about themselves as learners. Tune in as Gretchen explains: What a neuron is … Read More »

215: How to Choose the Right Calculator for High School

4 Jun

Having the right calculator can effect your math scores on the ACT and SAT, yet too many students have the wrong calculator with them. Megan walks you through how to get the right calculator ahead of time. Tune in to … Read More »