231: 3 Organizational Habits Students Need to Be College Ready

24 Sep

Whether you are in middle or high school, it’s not too early to put several key organizational habits into place that help you be college ready. In today’s episode, Gretchen shares a funny story about a conversation with students that … Read More »

230: The Coach Approach to Parenting and Teaching with ImpactADHD

17 Sep

How do parents and teachers support students in becoming more and more independent? Elaine Taylor-Klaus from ImpactADHD walks us through the four phases of transition in the adult/student relationship, and shares how taking on a Coach Approach to communicating with … Read More »

229: Answers to Your Questions About the SAT and Advanced Placement

10 Sep

Questions! Questions! We love questions! Below are two questions about the SAT and Advanced Placement tests that we got recently from two moms: (1) “I just heard someone talking about their 2nd child who took a gap year and delayed … Read More »

228: Five Teacher Mistakes And What Students Can Do Instead

3 Sep

Well-meaning teachers make mistakes when it comes to setting students up to study effectively! Listen in as Gretchen shares five mistakes teachers accidentally make, including tips for how both students and teachers about how to handle the fallout of these … Read More »